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Cyber Affairs
Do you think your spouse is having a cyber affair? Is your spouse spending an unusually large amount of time in front of the computer? If you have asked yourself these questions, you need Assured’s help. Your partner is most likely engaging in an internet relationship and you shouldn’t let them get away with it.   There are many websites out there that specialize in promoting discrete affairs between married and committed people! Most men who are having affairs or seeing escorts wipe out the information from their hard drive which makes them more difficult to catch, but not impossible. Cheating partners always leave signs and listed below are a few signs of cyber affairs: 
Ask Yourself:
  • Is your husband/wife using the computer secretly demanding to be alone? If someone beings cheating, they’ll often go to great lengths to hide the truth. Your family computer may be moved to a discreet location or a locked office.  
  • Is the internet web browser history list unusually deleted? Does the list contain unusual or unfamiliar sites?  
  • Are there unfamiliar e-mail messages coming from an unknown source or frequent Instant Messages appearing on the screen? 
  • Has your spouse been preoccupied with on-line chatting, more distant emotionally, or spending an excessive amount of time in chat rooms? 
  • Is your partner excessively using the internet especially late at night when you’re asleep? 
  • Does your husband/wife quickly close programs when you enter the room? 
  • Is your spouse suddenly disinterested in sex?  Some cyber affairs evolve into phone sex and when a cheater shows extreme disinterest in sex suddenly, you can most likely assume they have found another sexual partner. 
For Signs of a Cheating Spouse, click here
What services can Assured offer to reveal an internet affair?
 GPS – Has the internet affair gone beyond cyber sex? Is your spouse meeting their internet partner at hotels? You can track your partners every move by installing one of our GPS tracking devices.   Click here for a listing of our GPS systems or call us today for an installation. Find out where your spouse is really going when you’re not around?
Lie Detector Test – Is your spouse denying having an internet relationship? Would they agree to take a lie detector test? Use our trained professional CVSA (Voice Stress Analysis) Examiner. After your partner has agreed to attend the scheduled test, you can get peace of mind and find out the truth! Call a case manager for more details on our CVSA testing.
 Internet Decoy – Let Assured set up a decoy online by placing a fake profile on a webpage to see if they take the bait!  
Call today for a free consultation. Stop the affair before it goes beyond cyberspace!