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Missing Persons Investigations
Are you looking for someone?
Whether you are trying to locate someone who owes you money, a dead beat parent or spouse, a long lost friend, a service buddy, a missing heir, a birth parent, a missing sibling, a company's headquarters, a witness for a court proceeding, a lost loved one, or just someone you lost contact with - we can help!  We have access to hundreds of databases and resources that assist us in locating individuals and companies. We use highly experienced investigators and the latest of techniques and will work right along side of you to develop the information you have, into the location of the person you want to find.  Over 2 million people are reported missing in the United States each year. Most disappear intentionally, adults and children alike. They simply run away. Some want to be wherever they are, some are being held against their will. Some are victims of homicide, suicide, accident, or natural death.
At Assured we are experts in locating people!
Most people can be located through our background search.Others are harder to locate and require our experienced investigators to hit the streets to hang out on skid row, pay off an informant or even search a back alley. When you have someone who is harder to locate you should contact us.
Adult Runaways
Most adult runaways are men escaping financial problems and family obligations. When adult women run it is usually to get out of a relationship or family obligations. Unless there is evidence of foul play, American law-enforcement agencies have little time to deal with the emotional, lengthy, and often inaccurate reports of disappearances which usually resolve themselves within the first day. Another source of adult runaways is those individuals fleeing from justice. These are even harder to locate, because they have often planned their disappearance long in advance with false identification and histories.

Missing Children
There are 1.5 million children missing in this country. Nearly 30,000 more are reported missing each year. Most are runaways who eventually return home or contact their parent. Of the longtime missing children, most are abductees of non-custodial parents. Many missing children are never reported. If your child is a runaway, has been stolen by non-custodial parent, or has simply disappeared, we will not only work with law enforcement and existing organizations, we will conduct our own investigation as to your child's whereabouts. We will use every legal means possible to locate your child for you. If your child has been stolen, we will not only locate the child and the kidnapping-parent, we will work with law enforcement officials to return the child to you and arrest the parent.
We provide the client with a comprehensive written report relative to the findings of our missing person investigation.