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Kids/Teenager Investigations
Do you really know what your child is doing behind your back? An interview with 50 parents revealed that a majority of mothers and fathers knew little about their child’s behavior outside of the home.
What are the services Assured provides?
Assured offers a wide range of services for our children and teenager investigations. The following investigations are the most asked for by questioning parents:
Internet Searches – Is your child looking at inappropriate websites when you’re not around? If you suspect your teenager is misusing the internet, they could be putting themselves and your family at danger. They may be giving personal information to a child predator endangering your safety. Assured can install a tracking device for pages viewed or can provide a list of your child’s most recently visited websites.  
Stranger Safety Decoys – Do you question your child’s trust in a stranger? Would your elementary aged child agree to get into a car if a stranger approached them? If you suspect your child is in danger by perpetrators when you’re not around, let Assured answer your worries. We will use a trained, licensed private investigator as a decoy for your child. Acting as a stranger, we will test your child’s trust and willingness to believe an unfamiliar face. Will they believe we’re a friend of the family and get in the car? Would your son/daughter take candy from a stranger? Prepare your children with a test situation before a child predator gets to them first!
Surveillance – Do you ever wonder if your teen is really going to their friend’s house like they say? Has your son/daughter been staying out later than their curfew? Do you suspect they’re hanging out with the wrong people? Don’t wait until it’s too late to check into your child’s life away from home. Assured can conduct surveillance checks with a licensed private investigator to determine what your child is doing behind your back. We can provide your family with information pertaining to your teens drug use, gang activity, sexual promiscuity, or social network to put a stop to their bad choices.
GPS Tracking Devices – Assured’s GPS tracking devices can track your teen’s every movement. These covert systems generate information on mileage, location and time of starts and stops of the vehicle in motion. Designed to be covert within the car, the miniature devices will tell you the exact whereabouts of your mischievous teenager. Many models include the street addresses accompanied by maps and a timing device reporting the length of time and duration of each stop! You can even find out if your teenager was speeding!! You’ll never have to wonder where your teenager is going and hanging out with again!
How do I get started with your services?
 If you’re interested in learning more about your child’s behavior behind closed doors or when you’re not around, call Assured today for a free consultation with one of our case managers. We will get detailed information on your child in question and plan a method of investigation that is best suited for your case! Wouldn’t you rather have peace of mind before it’s too late?
Put your children first....Don’t jeopardize their safety!