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Infidelity Checks/Decoys
Ever wonder if your spouse or partner would be unfaithful to you? Do you often question what he/she is really doing on “boys/girls night out?” If you are suspicious that your spouse may be tempted by flirtation, let Assured put your mind at ease!


What are infidelity checks?
Infidelity checks and decoy investigations are used to determine whether a partner will take the bait. Are they just a flirt, or are they taking it a step further? Assured will conduct an investigation with a licensed investigator to determine what’s really going on when you’re not around. 
Infidelity checks may include:
  • Surveillance of the “boys/girls night out” to check for flirtation
  • Using an undercover investigator to intentionally flirt with your spouse to see if they’ll take the bait
  • Investigator giving eye gestures and signally body language of interest. Will your partner make the first move?
  • Undercover handing out their phone number to your spouse asking to meet at a hotel. We will wait for a phone call and set up surveillance on the specific site to verify their infidelity.
Why are infidelity checks beneficial?
Our experience is that if your spouse is consistently flirting more than usual, they’re usually taking it further than just talking. Don’t put your family or friends at risk. Not only are you jeopardizing your family’s safety, but you’re also putting your health at risk for contracting STD’s and other personal diseases. Let Assured Investigations put a stop to their frisky behavior before it’s too late.
If you’re just curious or have a gut feeling that your flirtatious spouse is unfaithful, contact us  today for a free consultation with one of our trained case managers. 
Get the peace of mind you deserve!