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GPS Tracking
GPS tracking systems are vehicle tracking devices used for monitoring activity of vehicles. Designed to be covert within or outside the car, these small devices will tell you the exact whereabouts of your car. Many models include the street addresses accompanied by maps and a timing device reporting the length of time and duration of each stop! 
How can GPS systems help me?
Children's Activities
Want to know the whereabouts of your teenager? Want to know how fast (actual speeds) they were driving?   Call Assured today for a free consultation with one of our case managers. You will never have to wonder where your teenager is going and hanging out with again!
Suspicious Spouse
Is your spouse acting suspicious? Ever wonder if your spouse/partner is really staying late after work? If you have ownership over your spouse’s vehicle, install a GPS unit from Assured and get the peace of mind you deserve! Our devices will track their every movement and provide you a comprehensive report of the exact times, locations, and street addresses of your suspicious partner. Have the facts and NOT be fooled from your unfaithful spouse and gather the evidence that you need! 
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