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Dead Beat Parents
As any mother or father whose child's parent has skipped out knows, finding a deadbeat parent can be difficult, expensive and time-consuming. Often, the mother or father, now left to raise her child on her own, is hard pressed to make ends meet. In such cases, collecting child support becomes critical to the well-being, and sometimes, very survival of the child.
Why does Assured work so hard to find dead beat parents?
Assured is dedicated to helping custodial parents locate non-custodial parents for the collection of child support. We believe that it is only fair that if you brought a child into the world, you MUST shoulder the responsibility of providing for that child. Of course, we know that the vast majority of non-custodial parents willingly pay child support, and in most cases, contribute more than the minimum required by law, because most non-custodial parents are not dead beats. But, it's the deadbeats that we're talking about here. The statistically few that don't care about the children they leave hungry and deprived, while they live a carefree life in Peter Pan's Never-Never Land.
Why don’t most dead beat parents pay?
We understand that a lot of dead beats are simply not in any position to pay child support, because they can barely even support themselves - either because they have had extremely bad luck and are just plain broke, or have made some really bad choices and are now sitting in jail or living under a bridge or wasting away in a drugged or drunken stupor, or they're just mentally or physically incapable of providing enough income to support themselves, much less, a child.
What can Assured do to help?
Our job is to find the current address or place of employment of the deadbeats who can pay, so that you can force them to meet their obligations.
We offer several inexpensive "Missing Person" search options, which use what you know - their SSN, or Name and Date of Birth, or Name and Previous Address - to find the most current address possible.