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Crime / Victim Investigations

Crime is everywhere you go, no matter what country you're in, crime will happen. Preventing crime is the key to achieving safe communities and neighborhoods throughout the world. A valuable tool in the fight against crime is a crime investigation, to determine how to prevent it from happening in the future and possibly recover loss property. 
Can't the police department handle it?
Unfortunately many Police Departments do not have the resources or the man power to investigate most non-violent crimes. Police Departments at times also do not have the time to investigate simple assaults, larcenies, break-ins and burglaries. Some Police Investigators are working as many as 500+ cases at any given time. Sometimes you even have a suspect, but you feel the police are still not following up.
What can Assured do for me?
Assured utilizes management team members 30+ years of law enforcement experience to assist you in investigating crimes which you are a victim. We are able to use that law enforcement experience to gather the evidence to present to the police investigators needed to prosecute your case and sometimes recover stolen property. We are also able to talk the “Police” language and have a better chance of getting your case brought to the top of the pile.
When you’re a victim of any crime you want someone working your case! At Assured we are successful at getting law enforcement to work your case, uncovering evidence to get your case prosecuted and your property recovered. You want to feel safe that the person who violated you is behind bars. You also want to recover the family heirlooms that were stolen from you.
When you are a victim of crime, you need Assured. For more information on how Assured can help,contact us or complete our case assignment form.