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Nanny/Childcare Investigations

Who is watching the kids?

As former Law Enforcement Officers, Assured knows the importance of "Who's watching the kids". Before you allow anyone to watch your kids, you should conduct a comprehensive Nanny/Childcare Background Investigation.

Why should I conduct a nanny investigation?

Nanny/Childcare screening provides inexpensive, fast, and comprehensive background investigations for in-home service providers, such as home nurses, pet sitters, tutors, home service contractors, nannies, babysitters, and other domestics.
Did you know that large percentage of background investigations performed on childcare providers and others performing services in your home turn up something alarming?  Things such as a shoplifting, drunk driving, assaults and drug abuse!
Childcare providers and others performing services in your home often have access to your home, know your family's secrets, and are guardians of your most important assets - YOUR KIDS. Find out if your child's NANNY, BABYSITTER, TUTOR, etc has a past that puts your child at risk! Nanny/Childcare screening is valuable to protect your family from those you hire into your home.

Do you have covert cameras?

When you are away and someone is providing childcare in your home you want to know that you child is receiving the best possible care. You also want to know that your information and valuables are protected.
Assured knows how important it is to have a piece of mind, to know that your children, your personal information and your valuables are safe. You can remove all doubt about your worst fears by installing a Nanny Cam!
Contact us for information and pricing on renting or purchasing Nanny Cams.