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Tell Tale Signs

Signs of a Cheating Spouse/Partner  

  1. Your partner is getting calls from a stranger that claims to be a co-worker.
  2. Your partner has a secret post office box or private mailbox.
  3. You receive an unusually high number of 'wrong number' or 'hang-up' telephone calls at home.
  4. You notice new cologne/perfume fragrances around your home, in your bed, the bathroom and/or your partner's clothing.
  5. Your partner suddenly has to work late or irregular hours.
  6. Your partner's automobile mileage reflects discrepancies regarding distances driven in connection with activities your partner reports.
  7. You discover that your partner has a secret bank account.
  8. You observe unaccounted for hairs (different color or length) found on your partner's clothing, in the house and/or in an automobile.
  9. There are alcohol stains, cigarette smoke smells, lipstick or makeup stains on clothing.
  10. You discover credit or debit card transactions for unusual or otherwise unexplained services and/or products, including hotels/motels, travel agencies, flowers, jewelry, gifts, personal services, automobile rentals, dating services and/or Internet services.
  11. Your partner answers the phone in a whisper and/or hangs up quickly when you enter the room.
  12. You discover unusual telephone long-distance or cellular calls.
  13. You become aware of unusually large or frequent bank and/or ATM cash withdrawals.
  14. Your partner suddenly decides to join a spa, gym, health club or tanning salon.
  15. Your partner suddenly changes his/her appearance, including a new hair style or color, begins using new colognes or perfumes, buys a new wardrobe, changes clothing style, begins dressing nicer to just to "hang out with friends" and/or begins wearing 'sexy' under garments.
  16. You discover that your partner has purchased a secret new cellular telephone or pager, and/or erases calling records from a cellular telephone.
  17. You notice a general lack of communication or outright evasiveness regarding your partner's daily activities.
  18. Your partner spends a greater than normal amount of time on the Internet, or does so at times when you are not around the computer.
  19. Your partner spends time in Internet chat rooms, "just having a little fun" or "making new friends" and insists on chatting alone.
  20. Your partner has a significant increase or lack of interest in sex.
  21. Your partner exhibits defensive and/or evasive behavior during normal conversations and/or confrontations regarding your suspicions.
  22. You catch your partner lying about seemingly small and insignificant matters.