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Workers Compensation
Workers Compensation files are primarily cases involving an employee who is out of work and/or who is believed to be working or being physically active while outside the realm of their doctor’s medical excuse.
Although many employees do not abuse their insurance benefits, there are those that do and this abuse costs businesses and individuals millions of dollars a year!
What  will Assured do for a workers compensation case?
Assured Investigations can perform surveillance on the subject to observe, document, and video tape their physical movements while they are away from their employer’s eyes. 
How do I view reports?
Assured understands recognizes the clients need for reports promptly upon completion of the assignments. We will have reports completed and ready to view within 48 hours of the completion of the investigation.  Hard copies of video will be done in DVD format unless requested in VHS format by the client. We can provide your investigation results in the following formats:
MAIL - we will mail the report along with a DVD containing all video.
E-MAIL - we will send an e-mail
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