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Jury Profiling
Is Jury Profiling necessary?
Profiling jury candidates provides you vital information for your case. Often times, the right jury can be the difference between losing or wining your case. A former federal prosecutor once stated, “One can lose a case before it even starts.” For example, there were several high profile cases that absolutely made a difference in the outcome by the choice of jurors such as:
OPRAH WINFREY – used jury research to win the lawsuit filed by cattle ranchers in Texas.
O.J. SIMPSON – pre-trial research of the jury determined the entire progression of the case. Where would OJ Simpson be today without using a Jury Profiling Service? 
Why use Assured Investigations?
Let Assured Investigations help you to choose the right jurors to win your case through our Jury Profiling Service. We develop a precise understanding of the strategies used for your case and use data and research to determine the fairest jury for your trial. Assured’s expertly trained investigators conduct jury investigations through a variety of techniques such as surveillance, background screenings, reference checks, criminal history backgrounds, previous demographic checks, political registration, and many other methods to assure you the fair trial YOU deserve.
How do I get started?  What do I do next?
Contact us to learn more about our Jury Profiling and Background Investigations for your upcoming court case. Let our service help you to choose a jury that is suitable for your case! With Assured Investigations, you will have peace of mind.
 Don’t let the system determine your future…you have the right to a fair trial and WE can help!