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 Child Custody

 There are thousands of divorces in America each year, many of the divorcing parties with minor children.  When the parents are divorced, the question of "Who will the children live with?" becomes a major concern.  Child custody involves deciding who will have custody or physical control of the children. 
That's why you need Assured! 
No other firm has more resources to protect your children!
Can I trust the legal system? What evidence do you provide?
The issues of Child Custody have in recent years become more and more of an issue resulting in the court's decision to which parent or both shall have custody of the children.
Unfortunately, our legal system has a tendency to treat a child like a piece of property, which can be difficult for the child.
The main objective in reaching an agreement is what is best suited for the child. Divorce and separation is a very difficult, distressing and complicated situation. However, the most important issue surrounding the breakup of a relationship is the well being of any existing children. It can be even worse when you suspect your children are being placed into an environment which is less than desirable and unknown.
Our investigations can reveal evidence of...
  • Child abuse
  • Child neglect
  • Cohabitation with children present
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Parents spending little or time with the children during vistation
  • And direct involvement of your child by other persons with notorious backgrounds or lifestyles who may have been introduced by the other parent.
Can’t I tell the court what is going on?
You may have knowledge of situations that endanger your child, but your testimony versus the other parent is typically not enough to ensure the desired placement of the child to your custody.
You will need objective courtroom testimony and independent video/photographic documentation/evidence to help you effectively protect your child. That is accomplished by hiring an experienced licensed Private Investigator to obtain the evidence that you need.
There are many times that parents fight for the custody of their children, not because they truly believe that the other parent is unfit, but because they want to hurt the other parent by taking the child away. In many cases the parent seeking full custody does not have the time or the desire to have full custody. In past custody cases Assured has been able to prove, through surveillance that the parent seeking custody actually was spending very little time with the child or children.
My Attorney says I don’t need a Private Investigator!
Many times parents and their attorneys are filing complaints for full custody based solely on the information and testimony of that parent. Attorneys are not licensed to conduct investigations and only present the evidence that you give them. In order for you to have an edge you must provide objective courtroom testimony from an experienced licensed investigator.
Do you really want to gamble with your children?
Children are precious. Do you want a judge deciding where your child will live based on which parent he believes the most? This is not the time to bargain shop! When your children are at stake, you need experienced licensed Private Investigators who specialize in Child Custody and Domestic Cases. With this much at stake can you afford not to hire Assured?
If you would like to discuss your case further with an experienced licensed Private Investigator, contact us or complete our no obligation, confidential case assignment form to get a quote.