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Adultery / Infidelity 
Statistics indicate that well in excess of 52% of spouses/partners are unfaithful. Often a "gut feeling" is the first indication of a cheating partner. Most people become suspicious with their "gut feeling" and start looking for more information to determine if their partner is cheating.  When you start looking for answers you need an Experienced Investigator to look into it. It is rare that a client has a "gut feeling" that is wrong. Based on our past experiences, 90% of our clients who have feelings that their partner is cheating, have been CORRECT!
At Assured we get calls daily from people just like you, who say: "I am not sure if he/she is cheating, I just have this feeling".  Our answer is always the same "If you suspect something is going on, then there is a 90% chance that something is going on and I would get a professional to start looking into it"!
What are the signs of a cheating partner?
Generally it is a gut feeling that something is different that gets an individual thinking their partner may be cheating.
You might notice changes in your partner's...
  • Behavior
  • Appearance
  • Activities
  • Attitude or they way they treat you
  • You might notice small things that seem to make your partner nervous when discussed.    
To view the top Tell-Tale Signs of a Cheating Partner, click here. 
How much will this cost?
Many Private Investigative companies don't give the client any idea how much it will cost. While no firm can give you an exact price (mainly because there is no way to know how long it will take to get the evidence that you need), Assured will give you a very good estimate. Since we specialize in Domestic Cases we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions by our clients. In the domestic FAQ section you will find the answers to the, "How much is this going to cost?" question and many others.
After reviewing our FAQ section, if you still have questions please contact us.