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Secret Shopper Services
Has there been a rise in stolen merchandise from your business? Is your current security system just not enough? If you have been experiencing an usual amount of theft in your place of business, you need Assured Investigations for a secret shopper investigation.
Assured will place a licensed investigator trained in the field to reveal the crooks. The investigator will treat their assignment as a normal shopping trip to the mall, plaza or retail store. With equipment on hand, the investigator will reveal what is really happening inside the business. Are your employees giving merchandise away to friends who pretend to be shopping? Would an employee let a customer bargain their way to a lesser cost of purchase? Is it the same person shoplifting day after day at your store?
If you question these situations or just need reassurance that your store is being managed appropriately and following security measures, call Assured today for a free consultation with a case manager. 
We’ll put a stop to the thieves before they put you out of business!