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Computer Forensics
What are computer forensic investigations? 
Computer Forensic Investigations vary greatly in their definitions. Generally, this investigation uses analytical and investigative techniques to identify, examine and collect information or documents that are encoded in a computer system. 
Why should I use this service?
Situations occur where computer evidence is the only way to uncover the truth. Whether it be a cheating spouse, a teenager with internet access or general misconduct on the web, our expert investigators will reveal what’s really going on when no one is looking. This service can be used for criminal investigations, civil litigation cases or simply to re track your steps when data has been lost from the system. Common scenarios also include:
  • Unauthorized use of internet sites
  • Unattended children/teenagers with internet access
  • Online relationships/Unfaithful Spouse
  • Fraud or deception cases
  • And many others...  
Our computer forensic specialists use professional and trained techniques to provide the compelling evidence you need!    

Confidentiality Policy
Because of Privacy and Human Right laws, you need Assured to professionally handle the situation and to guarantee you are following the correct protocol. The information and facts based on a computer system must be secured and analyzed in accordance with accepted standards. Our unique computer investigation methods ensure that our expertise is used as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Let Assured reveal what’s happening when no one is watching!